Ronald Olch

Systems Engineer, Research & Development

Ron opened the first microcomputer store and system consultancy in West Los Angeles and has been a member of the IEEE for 36 years and a Senior Life Member as of 2017. He graduated from UCLA with a BS in Engineering and Computer Science and an MS in Computer Science.

Subsequently employed by Teledyne Controls, Walt Disney Imagineering and AeroVironment, retiring after more than 30 years of engineering experience in 2013. A named inventor in eight patents and has a lifetime interest in designing, building, and programming embedded electronic systems.

He was also a founding member of the Los Angeles UFO Research Group which met monthly from 1973 to 2015.

Christopher O'Brien

Media & Consultant

From 1992 to 2002 Christopher O'Brien investigated and/or logged hundreds of unexplained events reported in the San Luis Valley—located in South-central Colorado/North Central New Mexico. Worked with law enforcement officials from area counties, ex-military members, ranchers and an extensive network of skywatcher/investigators. Documented what may have been the most intense wave of unexplained activity ever seen in a single region of North America.

He wrote three books that covered his 10 year SLV investigations: ​The Mysterious Valley,​EntertheValley​,(St Martin’s Press)and ​Secrets of the Mysterious Valley a​nd three additional books. As a result of his investigations and research, he has compiled and produced one of the largest databases of unusual occurrences from a single geographic region.

Andrew Palfreyman


Andrew graduated from Oxford University, England with M.A. (HONOURS) and currently holds several patents one in the mass storage area, and the rest in the multimedia area. He has long been a veteran in the software, multimedia, and image processing field.

Marc Dantonio


Marc D'Antonio has a degree in Astronomy and is the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) Chief Photo/Video Analyst , host of SkyTour Radio on KGRA, and host and creator of SkyTour LiveStream with Marc Dantonio on YouTube where people can go to watch live as  beautiful deep sky objects materialize before their eyes in mere seconds courtesy of the the SkyTour Observatory and its research telescope.

Marc is the CEO of FX Models, a model making and visual/special effects company specializing in digital/physical models, and organic special effects in the film industry. He has an extensive work history in the Film and Television arena appearing regularly on a number of networks and television shows including "NASA's Unexplained Files" on the Discovery Channel, "What On Earth!" on the Science Channel, “In Search Of” hosted by Zachary Quinto, and a variety of other shows.

Ron Regehr

Ronald Regehr has been a UFO researcher for more than 55 years.  Regehr is a retired aerospace engineer with 36 years experience at Douglas Aircraft and Aerojet ElectroSystems working in space and space surveillance systems.  He is a former Utah MUFON Deputy Director of Research and a MUFON research specialist in space satellite technology.  Two of his major areas of contribution in UFO research are satellite detection of UFOs and analysis of the photos associated with the Roswell case.

Jonathan Gillis

Web & Graphics

Jonathan is a Front-end Web Developer, UI Designer, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, and Web Master whose work spans across government, technological, and international organizations.

Wayne Hollenbeck

UFODAP is dedicated to Wayne Hollenbeck who's inspiration and persistence keep us moving forward.

Wayne attended the Southwestern University School of Law 1974, graduating with a Juris Doctor degree. He Attended the Psychology University of California, Riverside 1970 for B.A. He is a member of the California and Federal Bars and Los Angeles County Bar Association, and was a former member of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA). Wayne was a crucial part of jumpstarting the early years of the UFO Camera Project which has now developed into a fundemental part of the UFODAP.